PPG High Performance Coatings
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Coating Basics



Waterborne Acrylics

Water-based coatings offered by PPG are synthetic resins that include acrylic and vinyl acrylic. They are low in volatile organic compounds (VOC), low in odor, and fast-drying. Waterborne acrylics provide excellent stain resistance & wash ability with single component convenience; this makes them a popular coating type for light to medium duty applications.
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Epoxy coatings provide excellent resistance to severe corrosiveness such as chemicals and alkali. Many epoxy coatings, not necessarily all, offer excellent barrier protection for both atmospheric and immersion environments. When epoxy is used on exterior surfaces where it is exposed to UV rays, it is recommended to also apply a layer of topcoat, such as urethane, to prevent the epoxy from yellowing or chalking. Epoxies are the most common coatings in the industry and a key part of most corrosion control systems.
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Urethanes are best used as topcoats over epoxies on structural steel, bridges, tank exteriors, and above-waterline structures. Their excellent resistance to weathering, abrasion and impact make them ideal for long-term exterior exposure. These urethane topcoats also protect epoxy from chalking, while their superior color and gloss retention leaves an aesthetically pleasing finish.
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Alkyds are one-component coatings that were used successfully for decades prior to the introduction of high performance coatings. They are used as primers and topcoats for mild weathering exposures. Alkyds possess good moisture and abrasion resistance, while having fair UV resistance.
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Specialty coatings include: zinc primers, silicone alkyds, flooring coating systems, and surface preparation products.
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