PPG High Performance Coatings
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Cleaners and Degreasers

The choice of cleaning process depends on the type of material to be cleaned and the nature of the contaminant to be removed.

PPG offers environmentally-safe cleaning products for a wide variety of substrates and applications for optimum cleaning performance.

DuraPrep® 88 Waterbased Alkaline Cleaner

The PREP88 is a biodegradable concentrated water-based alkaline cleaner that is designed for industrial or commercial use. It can applied to the surface with a low pressure sprayer, brush or roller.

DuraPrep® 120 Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser

DuraPrep® Prep120 is a highly concentrated cleaner that provides an economical and effective way to remove dirt, soot, road grim and other common surface contaminants.

DuraPrep® 125 Concentrated Degreaser

DuraPrep® Prep125 is a non-petroleum, solvent-based cleaner, specifically designed to remove the toughest petroleum based grease and oil contaminants. This cleaner has been formulated to produce a superior water-based degreaser without using the petroleum solvents ordinarily used for such products.

DuraPrep® 130 Industrial Gel Cleaner Degreaser

DuraPrep® Prep130 is a thickened, non-petroleum, solvent-based cleaner, to be used on painted and unpainted surfaces. It is designed for use on large structures or difficult-to-reach ar¬eas, where the increased contact time may be substituted for scrubbing.