PPG High Performance Coatings
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Paint, Adhesive and Graffiti Removers

PPG offers a wide range products that remove paint, adhesive and graffiti surfaces including concrete, brick, metal, wood, masonry, stone, mild steel, stainless steel, plastic, wood surfaces and more.

DuraPrep® Prep 400 Overspray Remover

An easy-to-use product designed to remove over-spray, tar and road marking paint from a painted surface without damaging the underlying paint. Also effective when removing fresh graffiti from painted surfaces.

 DuraPrep® PREP500 Flooring Adhesive and Mastic Remover

A fast and easy-to-use product that quickly softens and removes carpet underlayment, black mastic, and many glues. This labor saving formula can remove indoor/outdoor carpeting and the glue below it in one application.