PPG High Performance Coatings
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DuraPrep® PREP88 Alkaline Cleaner

The PREP88 is a biodegradable concentrated water-based alkaline cleaner that is designed for industrial or commercial use. It can applied to the surface with a low pressure sprayer, brush or roller.

DuraPrep® PREP100 Concrete Etch

A gelled compound specially designed to provide an evenly etched surface on concrete. Similar performance to hydrochloric or muriatic acid, but safer to use and produces 80% less odor and no corrosive fuming. Also easier to neutralize and rinse than liquid acids since it does not penetrate deeply or unevenly into the concrete.

DuraPrep® PREP120 Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner

A highly concentrated, economical cleaner capable of handling many types of cleaning applications in industrial, commercial, automotive and marine applications.

DuraPrep® PREP125 Concentrated Degreaser

A highly concentrated degreaser designed for removing heavy oil and grease contamination from floors, equipment and machinery.

DuraPrep® PREP130 Industrial Cleaner (Gel)

A gelled, ready-to use, product that can be sprayed, brushed, rolled or mopped on and cling to surface to provide extended dwell time in hard to reach areas. Designed for large structures, vertical surfaces, and other areas where increased contact time may be substituted for scrubbing.

DuraPrep® PREP200 Architectural Coating Remover (Gel)

Designed to remove the full range of architectural and many commercial coatings from common substrates such as wood, brick, stucco, masonry, metals and many composites. Specifically intended to replace grinding or blasting when damage to the substrate is a concern. The low odor makes it ideal for use near occupied areas.

DuraPrep® PREP220 Commercial Coating Remover (Gel)

Lifts urethanes, alkyds, siloxanes and most two-component epoxies. Ideal for removing thick film concrete floor coatings. Use on nearly all substrates including steel, aluminum, concrete, composite, and masonry.

DuraPrep® PREP225 Spray Gun and Parts Coating Remover

This immersion paint remover cleans spray guns and paint application equipment. This user-friendly alternative to toxic and regulated products is ideal for stripping small parts, hooks & hangers.

DuraPrep® PREP240 Industrial Coating Remover (Gel)

Lifts most high performance coatings such as urethanes and epoxy topcoats and primers, siloxanes, fuel resistant primers and chemical agent resistant coatings (CARC). Use on nearly all substrates including steel, aluminum, concrete, composite, and masonry.

DuraPrep® PREP400 Overspray & Graffiti Remover

An easy-to-use product designed to remove over-spray, tar and road marking paint from a painted surface without damaging the underlying paint. Also effective when removing fresh graffiti from painted surfaces.

DuraPrep® PREP500 Flooring Adhesive and Mastic Remover

A fast and easy-to-use product that quickly softens and removes carpet underlayment, black mastic, and many glues. This labor saving formula can remove indoor/outdoor carpeting and the glue below it in one application.

DuraPrep® PREP900 PPG Paint & Colorant Solidifier

PPG Paint & Colorant Solidifier Provides an environmentally acceptable way to dispose of unwanted water-based paint and colorants by quickly turning them into a solid for legal disposal. Provides a dramatic cost savings compared with the disposal of liquid paint.