PPG High Performance Coatings
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SPEEDHIDE® Int/Ext Galvanized Steel Primer

Recommended for direct application to new degreased or weathered galvanized steel. No acid pretreatment is necessary before application. SPEEDHIDE® Galvanized Steel Primer is a ready-mixed primer that is resistant to normal atmospheric corrosion.

SPEEDHIDE® Int/Ext Rust Inhibitive Steel Primers

Recommended for properly prepared iron and steel surfaces for either interior or exterior service. SPEEDHIDE® Rust Inhibitive Primer provides surface corrosion protection under normal exposure conditions.

SPEEDHIDE® Int/Ext Zinc Chromate Metal Primer

Recommended for properly prepared aluminum, and ferrous metal, SPEEDHIDE® Zinc Chromate Metal Primer can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. This product provides resistance to normal atmospheric corrosive action and is recommended as a field applied primer coat or intermediate coat.