PPG High Performance Coatings
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PPG's complete product portfolio of surface technologies can help prepare any substrate for painting.

With the growing concern over environmental and health impact, PPG's DuraPrep  surface preparation products are cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions for all types of painting projects. Click here to download the DuraPrep brochure and selector guide.

Duraprep products ideal solutions for a variety of industries


DuraPrep coatings removers are highly effective and designed for use on the wide range of substrates common on renovation/restoration projects such as brick, metal, wood, block and stucco. These products are ideal for use where protecting the substrate is a concern and are used to replace the harsh chemical agents and mechanical removal methods that often damage the substrate and its surface profile.

Property and Facilities Managers

Property and facility managers need effective and environmentally preferred solutions to large projects as well as daily maintenance. The DuraPrep line of products solves many of these problems such as removing paint, removing stubborn mastic or gum off a floor, degreasing equipment, graffiti removal and even general cleaning. Unlike paint removal by hazardous chemicals which fume or mechanical methods which produce dangerous airborne particulates, most DuraPrep products are ideal for use during a facility’s normal operating hours, as work can be done without disturbing the surrounding residents, staff, or environment.

Commercial and Industrial Contractors

Performance matters most, and DuraPrep products are effective on common challenges such as removing high performance coatings, mastic, industrial grease and oils, and cleaning and etching of horizontal and vertical concrete.  Commercial and industrial jobs often present site-specific challenges that warrant special attention. For coatings removal in particular, consideration must be given to accessibility, sensitivity of nearby equipment, and hard to reach areas.

Architects, Engineers, Owners

Many local authorities are restricting the use of abrasive blasting and grinding for surface preparation due to the serious threat it poses to workers and the environment. Traditional chemical solutions are being restricted for the same reasons. DuraPrep products provide an environmentally preferred solution for architects, engineers, and owners. The DuraPrep portfolio includes a complete line of coatings removers, cleaners/degreasers, concrete etch, mastic remover, and waste paint solidifier. 

Residential Contractors

DuraPrep products work. While the DuraPrep line is largely water-based and biodegradable, making them much more environmentally acceptable than most competitive products or processes, their performance is not watered-down.  DuraPrep products remove multiple layers of a variety of coating systems, and can be used on almost all substrates without damaging them.

Commercial / Fleet Vehicles

DuraPrep products solve some of the most common vehicle maintenance problems without affecting the glass, rubber, or plastic components of the vehicle.

DuraPrep products can often replace sanding and grinding for coatings removal, torches and heat guns for decal removal, and clay block and polishing for overspray removal. This presents an opportunity to increase a facility’s throughput, decrease labor expenses, and improve workers’ safety by reducing both repetitive motions and airborne particulates.

After a project, consider DuraPrep products to clean spray guns and similar equipment or dispose of leftover paint.