PPG High Performance Coatings
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About Us


PPG High Performance Coatings™ (HPC) is PMC’s protective coatings brand available through the PPG Architectural Finishes distribution network and through direct sale.               

HPC provides aesthetically appealing coatings and coatings systems that prevent weathering and corrosion in light to moderate conditions.

Look to HPC products when you are looking to coat steel, concrete and even masonry.  HPC provides cutting-edge technologically advanced and workhorse products that are ideal for daily use contracting jobs, such as 7-line alkyds for coating railings, to structural steel overhang applications requiring dry fall properties, such as provided by Pitt-Tech EDF.

Putt-Tech PlusHPC labels are color-coded by product technology:

   = Epoxy
   = Alkyd
   = Urethane
   = Waterborne
   = Specialty

HPC products are available nationally through hundreds of PPG Pittsburgh Paints and Porter retail and commercial outlets as well as through the Architectural Finishes dealer network in the U.S. and Canada.